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Pick Set, Steel 4pcs
4 piece assortment of double ended steel sharp point, hobby picks. Various
shapes with knurled grips. Imported
6in. Digital Caliper
Digital caliper features selctable Inch or mm range. Hardened stainless steel
with plastic cased electronics. For ID or OD measurments.
"Zero" button for resetting or setting offsets. 6in/ 150mm Max.
.0005"/.01mm accuracy/min. reading.
Requires a 357A Button cell (Supplied).
Stores in foam lined plastic case. Imported
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Picks, Stainless Steel Dbl Ended 12 pcs
12 piece assortment of double ended stainless steel hobby picks in a plastic
pouch. Various shapes with knurled grips
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GRACE USA Brass Starter Punch Set

For drifting sights, driving pins or fitting parts when marking or scratching the surface
can mean the difference between a job well done and disaster. Machined from
premium, brass hex. Starter Punch Set includes 4 flathead, tapered punches for
drifting sights and driving pins flush. Includes plastic storage pouch for easy access.  
Made in the U.S.A
GRACE USA Gun Care Brass Punch Set

An absolute must when working in a no mar, no spark situation. This fine set
consists of eight brass punches sizes 1/16" to 5/16". Each punch is machined from
quality 5/16" solid brass hex stock, beautifully polished and packed in a handy field
 Made in the U.S.A.
GRACE USA Gun Care Brass Hammers

Made specifically for the gun trade, its solid brass head is machine turned from
quality 360 brass and hand polished. The properly seasoned hickory handle is then
driven into the finished brass head and securely brass pinned. Available in 4, 8, and
16 ounce weights.
Made in the U.S.A.
GRACE USA Original Gun Care Screwdriver Set.
This 8 piece set was in your grandfather's gun repair box. Hand assembled and
custom hollow-ground to fit scope screws, plug screws, guard screws, floor plate
screws, sight screws, and many other gun screws as well. The square-shanked
blades are hardened and tempered to R/C 52-56 and guaranteed not to twist or chip.
The handles are turned from quality Maine hardwood and protected with a smooth
finish. Guaranteed to last for years, we will replace screwdrivers from this set that
have not met your total satisfaction.
Made in the U.S.A
J3 GRACE USA Scope Driver
Pre-ground, parallel tipped screwdriver correctly fits the windage screw
slot to prevent slipping and marring the screw head. Fits windage screws
on Leupold®, Redfield®, and Burris® scope bases.
Made in the U.S.A.

SPECS: Steel, blue shank with wooden handle. .24” (6.1mm) blade width
x .073” (1.8mm) blade thickness x 6½” (16.5cm) OAL.
Tipton Polymer Gun Cleaning Picks
# 549864
Also available in other brands
Winchester Screwdriver Set #WINGSD
Winchester Bore Light #363219
Winchester #WINMTL099 Gun Lock
Wheeler DELTA Series
AR Combo Tool and Torque Wrench Combination Set
#156700 - IMPORT
Gunsmith's Totes - Deep Version
Durable Heavy Plastic,  Dividable, Stackable Trays 24" x 11" x 4
1/4" Made in America
Vertical and Horizonal Dividers are available to break down
Gunsmith's Totes - Shallow Version
Durable Heavy Plastic,  Dividable, Stackable Trays 24" x 11" x 2
1/4" Made in America
Vertical and Horizonal Dividers are available to break down
#GPT Brass Pick
Made in America
#5PC-GP  Combo 4 Nylon Pick Set with Double Nylon Gunsmith
Made in America
                  S.E. 4 Pc. Nylon Pick Set. - Double Ended #DD44P -
             SE 3 Pc. Double End Universal Cleaning Brush Set - 7"
Handle- Nylon, Copper and Plastic Bristles to clean any part of
your firearm. #14GCB-- IMPORT
S.E. 6 Pc. Diamond File Set #30DF IMPORT
S.E. 5-Piece Gun cleaning Brushes Include: (1) Plastic Bristles (2)
Nylon Bristles (3) Copper Bristles Double Ended and 2 Double end
picks. #24BC-5 --  IMPORT
S.E. 8 Pc. Brass Punch Set - in pouch - Punch sizes 1/16", 3/32",
1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 7/32" and 1/4" #1032B -- IMPORT
S.E. Brass Hammer - 7 Oz. Head #834BH -- IMPORT
S.E. Brand Flexible Flashlight w/ Battery - Great for
Bore Inspections - Carded - #3166DB -- IMPORT
S.E. Stainless Steel Shop Ruler - 6" SAE
and Metric - great for any workshop.